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Solar Power Monitoring Application

InnoKnight replaces traditional industrial PC or expensive device with STAR series in the solar power monitoring application, so that your solar power monitoring system can be the most competitive. Combined with InnoKnight server platform, you can instantly monitor and query historical data, like date, time, temperature, KWH, battery status, battery voltage... and so on  

● The STAR consumes only 0.5 Watt power, which greatly improves the power loss of industrial PC or other devices.

● Operating System updates is not needed all the time, if needed, the update file size is only about 100KByte, which is faster and more efficient than the industrial PC O.S. update about 400MB~500MB.


inKloud - E.V. Charging and Billing Application

InnoKnight uses the self-developed STAR-1600 to control the charging station power on/off, and also collect the data during the period of time of the electric vehicle charging.

● Power data collection, in order to accurately calculate the power consumption and the costs, so that you can easily manage the charging expense, whether in the business building or the community.

●Through the wireless technology, you can remotely manage (turn on or off) the power system of the charging station.


Farmland and Aquaculture Application

The STAR-1600 developed by InnoKnight can connect with several different kind of sensors at the same time, and power supply is from the solar power system, allows you to easily install it in anywhere. With the server platform, you can accurately monitor the changes in soil and water quality in farmland and fishing rod. InnoKnight provides you a completed history data about the environmental change factors and planting processes and aquaculture processes. The situation is closely combined and analyzed for data, which will become an important reference for future planting and breeding.


Plastic Injection Mold Machine Management Application

The STAR-1610 provided by InnoKnight can provide the production cycle acquisition interface,

8-ch Digital Input (DI). By capturing the DO signal of machine, the relative data of production cycle of up to 8 injection machines can be monitored at the same time, and the data can be storage to the database which is designed by InnoKnight. It is also possible to simultaneously collect different sensors data on the machine, such as temperature, pressure, displacement... and so on.



● Accurately calculate the quantity and time of production

● Which machine is produced in the configuration

● Machine status monitoring, warning, and traceable

● Instant monitoring

● Completed data display

● Instant alert notification

● Historical data query


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