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InnoKnight - IOT Expert

InnoKnight helps you complete the development and deployment of the Internet of Things (IOT) ecosystem in the most efficient and cost-effective way. InnoKnight also provides the completed total solution from front-end devices to cloud service platform. The service platform allows you to eliminate the need to find a solution, cut into the market at the fastest speed and return the resources and  in a short period of time.


Wireless Boardband

No matter what application and where you are, InnoKnight can propose suitable wireless solution to fulfill your demand. High stability and high reliability of wireless data transmission is one of InnoKnight's core competency. Our product support: Wi-Fi、NB-IOT/M1、Sigfox...and so on.


STAR-1600 from InnoKnight provides you with a full range of applications, allowing you to quickly connect to different kinds of sensor modules and devices, plus simple software integration that will bring you a whole new Internet of Things experience.



STAR-1610 provides you with a strong backing in the industrial field. InnoKnight provides easy operation interface, wide-voltage power supply , physical Ethernet route supporting, 8-ch ADC and 8-ch DI (Digital Input).


Data Storage

To ensure your data can be 100% be saved, all of STAR series do provide micro-SD card slot for inserting SD card to back-up your data, support up to 512GB, class 10.

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