About InnoKnight

Founded in October 2016, the core team comes from the well-known domestic wireless communication company [Gemtek], has a R & D team with rich experience and superior capabilities in the field of wireless communication, is one of the few domestic wireless technology and cross-border Manufacturers of various industrial applications that combine and provide completed total solutions.

InnoKnight expands the global IoT and automation industry applications by providing the best wireless technology and providing the best integration capabilities according to customer inquiry. The product range includes wireless data collector, near-end server platform, cloud service platform, and customized system. Human-machine interface....etc. Products and services related to IoT applications.

InnoKnight was established in Hsinchu, and adheres to the globalization strategy of [Think Globally, Act Locally] and has become one of the most influential global company.

Think Globally, Act Locally

【Total Solution Provider】

Core Competency

Rapid R&D Design Capability
Total Solution Provider
Grasp the key mainstream technologies and trends of the future



Patented Invention in Taiwan and USA


Receive the Subsidy of SBIR in Hischu City


STAR of Hsinchu Science Park 


Tesla Special Charging Partner


Partner of CHT Telecom in IOT Smart Platform


Best Reward of SBIR in Hsinchu City


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